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‘Staak het vuren!’

war is over if you want it"Staak het vuren tussen gelovigen en ongelovigen" roept Joel Edwards tijdens een debat in
Londen over religie. Joel Edwards is algemeen directeur van de
Evangelical Alliance (EA) en wordt omschreven als goede strateeg en
toekomst-denker over de kerk in Europa. Hij vindt dat het
seculariserende experiment om de kerk te privatiseren is mislukt.

"We need a ceasefire between faith and non-faith, between religion and
non-religion, and an attitude of mutual humility and mutual respect.
For religion, the problem is not the secular humanists' quest for a
better and more humane society. It's the idea of doing it in the
absence of God. We need to stop and think how our shared aspirations
for a better world can be expressed in mutual respect which becomes a
joint project in crafting a rule of law for post-Christendom Britain."